Hope and Justice



I am currently sitting at a coffee shop, finding respite from a cold winter’s night, plugging away at my grading for the end of the trimester.  Though tired and ready to be finished with work for the night, I am so thankful for my students.  My students were required to write a justice paper, reflecting on what justice looks like for a particular area of government and law today.  Students chose topics ranging from polygamy to the current prison system to the Native American reservation system to the Dream Act.  And even though I am tired and relying heavily on the caffeine that is oozing from my very strong latte, I am hopeful for the future.  I see students wrestling to understand what implementing Micah 6:8 would look like in our laws and voting habits.  I see young adults challenging the status quo and working to be kingdom workers.  I see our tomorrow-leaders thinking thoughtfully and intentionally about the last, the lost, and the least.  And I have hope.  I have hope that justice will prevail.  I have hope that Micah 6:8 will weigh heavy on the hearts of those who will be our leaders tomorrow.

So, though I am tired of work for the night, I will gladly keep plugging away, finding hope (in) and justice on the pages of these papers.

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