Don’t Tell Her She’s Pretty, Tell Her She’s Pretty Kind, She’s Pretty Smart, She’s Pretty…

To the two older men who felt the need to stare at me, talk about me, and make fun of me at the gas station, please watch this video.

Background: This morning, I get to the gas station and start putting gas in my car. These two mid-fifties-ish men, say loudly, “well, look at her”… which they do. When I finally look over at them to acknowledge that in fact, I do notice them staring at me, the one man says “yeah that’s right, we’re looking at you. You must be used to this.” The other man chimes in, “you sure are pretty.” I thanked them and turned around. The men began to discuss very specific details they appreciated about me, my appearance, and my body in front of me. I turned and acknowledged them again, so that they could see I was bothered. They said, “people must tell you you’re pretty all the time”… I responded, “I wish they would comment on my personality or intelligence instead”. They thought this was hilarious and began telling me I was a real “smart looking” girl or look at how that “intelligent lady” walks. They thought they were hilarious and as I left I told them to have a nice day.

Let’s start commenting on people’s character, actions, and impacts, rather than their appearance! Just a thought for today.




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