Esther Joshua: I’ve forgotten you

Esther Joshua.

I must confess that I’ve forgotten about you.

In my busyness, in my comfort, and honestly, in my apathy, I’ve forgotten about you.

Over six months ago, I committed to praying for you, for your safety, for your swift return.  Over six months ago, I acknowledged the different worlds we experience on a daily basis.  I wondered many things. Are you alive? Can you feel my prayers? Are you safe? Were you forced to convert?

I still wonder these things. I still believe you are courageous, obedient, a risk-taker, strong. Brave.

But I must be honest. I’ve forgotten. I’ve broken my promise. I’ve let my own distractions take way.  I am sorry. And I wonder:

Have you lost hope?
Do you feel forgotten?
Are you safe?
Are you alive?
Have you given up?

Esther Joshua, do you know that I’ve forgotten you? Do you know that the world has forgotten? That the distractions of this world and the never-ending wars, crises, disasters draw our attention elsewhere?

I am sorry.  I hope you know that I believe in you and pray that you haven’t lost hope.

So, I will move forward in hope. I will remember you. I will pray.

Please, please, bring back Esther Joshua.
Please please #BringBackOurGirls

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